The whole idea of fuckfriends is overrated

There, I said it. I said that the idea of having sex tape fun with james deen is overrated. That’s right, I used the O word. A lot of guys would probably roll their eyes, or they would laugh. After all, the concept of having anal sex is so popular nowadays. In fact, if you tell your friends that you have a lot of hollywood whores on the side, they can’t help but respect you; at least among younger guys.

The reality is things are more complicated than a lot of people let on. Sure, the whole idea of having friends with benefits, or friends that you fuck on the side, may seem appealing now, especially if you’re a young dude. But if you truly prize your emotional integrity and your peace of mind, this is a bad idea. Seriously.

Many times, the moment you get physically involved with somebody, you can’t help but get emotionally involved as well. Sure, you might think that it’s just sex. Sure, you might think that it’s just all about chasing after an orgasm, and feeling really good, and living for the moment. You’re more than free to tell yourself that. But when the rubber meets the road and when you get down with somebody, especially somebody who you really like or someone you met on pussy and cum, you’d be surprised as to how much you really feel for this person. The moment you find out that this person is actually having sex with other guys or has other sex tape whores, that’s when the shit will hit the fan.

So if you want to avoid all sorts of unnecessary drama, you might want to question the whole idea of fuck friends like Farrah 🙂